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Shanghai five-axis cnc machining

Optical pc wafer cutting optical pmma board cutting

The company specializes in processing various plastic accessories, using a variety of domestic and imported grade plastic sheet, such as PC, acrylic, PP, PVC, PETG, nylon, POM, pc anti-static board, pc hard board, acrylic hard board, pc Diffusion plates, acrylic diffusion plates, etc., use high-precision CNC machining center equipment to cut and process the plates with high precision to process into various products and accessories. Our processing equipment integrates cutting, slitting, printing, punching, High-precision cutting, fine carving, auto focus and scanning engraving, lamination, automatic scanning cutting, stamping, dust-free, high-gloss cutting in one, comprehensive professional processing facilities and experience technology, can be used for various plastic materials, plates, sheets And various materials such as aluminum plates, wood boards, etc., so as to be processed into various electronic field accessories, protective plates, windows, optical panels, optical lenses, mechanical equipment accessories, protective covers, plastic parts for electrical products, aviation plastic parts, instrument parts , Gaskets, insulation parts, digital devices, electronic panels, electronic accessories and other products. Professional processing and professional materials. Accurate processing to ensure the quality and cleanliness as well as the effect of the cutting surface. At the same time, various processes and tools can be improved according to customer requirements, so as to complete a variety of complex processing to meet the standards required by customers.

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