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How to maintain high-quality precision machining?

Back to list 发布日期:18年07 月03日 Source: Jindong Metal Products Release Date: July 03, 2018

The use of CNC lathe processing machines in the production industry is becoming more and more mature, so how to maintain the CNC lathe processing machines? Let us briefly talk about maintenance methods:

1. External maintenance of cold heading machining: A. The appearance of the machine tool and its casings are kept clean inside and outside without rust and yellow robes. B. Complete and tighten the handles, handballs, screws, nuts and other parts. C. Keep the machine neat. Cleaning machine accessories, clean, tidy and rust-proof.

2. Worktable removal: A. Fix the burr on the worktable surface. B. Check the bumper, it should be firm without loosening when pressing, and the handle should be moderately heavy.

3. Bedside box, tailstock and adjustment belt are tight. Clean the tailstock and sleeve.

4. Maintenance of hydraulic and lubricating system of CNC lathe processing machine: A. Cleaning oil filters, oil holes, and linoleum, the oil path should be unobstructed, the oil cup is complete, and the oil mark is bright. B. Check the tubing joints and make sure they are firm and leak-free. C. Check and adjust the pressure gauge of the hydraulic sliding system to maintain normal operation. D. Oil quality and quantity meet requirements.

5. Horizontal feed mechanism: check that the manual feed should be accurate and reliable, and the idle distance of the dial is less than 1/4 turn.

6. Grinding wheel seat, grinding tools in the inner garden, cleaning wheel frame, and removing sand mud. Adjust the belt tension of the grinding wheel seat and the inner grinding head.

7. Maintenance of cooling system: A. Clean the cooling pump, cooling liquid tank and cooling pipelines to be neat, smooth, firm and leak-free. B. Replace the coolant.

8. Electrical parts: A. Cleaning motor and electrical box. B. The electrical equipment is fixed and neat, and the movement is reliable. C. Check and fasten the zero connection device.

According to the method we have mentioned above, the CNC lathe processing machine can be effectively maintained to prevent excessive wear and increase the life of the CNC lathe processing machine.