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Development status of precision machinery processing plants

Back to list 发布日期:18年06 月20日 Source: Jindong Metal Products Release Date: June 20, 2018

With the rapid development of modern machining, Shanghai's machining skills have been developed rapidly, and many advanced machining methods have gradually emerged, such as micro machining skills, rapid prototyping skills, and fine ultra-fine machining skills.

Micro Machining Skills

With the development of Micro / Nano Science and Technology, micromechanics characterized by their own small standard shapes or extremely small operating standards have become a high-tech that people know and transform the microworld. Because micromechanics can operate in a small space without disturbing the working environment and goals, it has broad potential for use in aerospace, fine instruments, biomedical and other fields, and has become an important means of nanotechnology research Therefore, it is highly valued and listed as the first key skill in the 21st century. [3]

Rapid Prototyping Machining Skills

Rapid prototyping skills were developed in the 20th century, and prototypes or parts can be quickly produced based on CAD models. It is a method of data accumulation processing, that is, the three-dimensional forming is completed by the orderly accumulation of data. Rapid prototyping technology integrates modern scientific and technological achievements such as CNC skills, data skills, laser skills, and CAD skills, and is an important part of modern advanced Shanghai machining skills. [4]

Fine ultra-fine machining skills

An important part of modern machining skills during fine and ultra-fine machining is one of the important goals of measuring the unevenness of a country's high-tech manufacturing operations. Since the 1960s, with the development of computer and information skills, higher requirements have been placed on production skills, not only to obtain extremely high standards, shape and position accuracy, but also to obtain extremely high surface quality. It is under such market demand that ultra-fine machining skills have been developed rapidly, and various processes and new methods have continued to appear.