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Shanghai mold cnc processing factory

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Hardware Products; Zinc and Aluminum Die Casting Products; Moulds; Hardware Manufacturing; Plastic Products; Machining; Vacuum Infiltration

CNC stands for Computer Number Control. Translated into Chinese means "computer digital control", which is a mold processing and small batch product processing technology currently widely used in manufacturing. CNC can easily realize multi-axis simultaneous processing, such as surface processing. In addition, CNC can easily implement flexible manufacturing systems. Ordinary machine tools are used to directly control the machine tool for processing, while CNC is used to control the CNC system to control the machine tool processing, so as to achieve more complex and high-speed processing.

Shanghai mold cnc processing factory profile

Shanghai Jindong Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a Shanghai cnc processing manufacturer . The company has advanced processing equipment and high-quality technical services. There are many CNC processing equipments of the company. The maximum processing thickness is 1.5m * 1.8m. Blister wood mold; foam mold; blister copper mold; high frequency mold; laser knife mold; widely used in toys; food packaging; automotive; home appliances; medical; hardware stationery; electronic packaging trays; . Quality assurance; reasonable price; the principle of common development is willing to establish long-term and stable cooperative relations for new and old customers; welcome to guide.