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Shanghai Fengxian cnc processing

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The company has cnc machining centers, CNC lathes, milling machines, grinders, drilling machines, wire cutting and other mechanical equipment. It specializes in processing various precision instrument parts, non-standard parts, hardware parts, various tooling fixtures, automation equipment, single pieces and multiple pieces. Machinable, price concessions, welcome new and old customers to cooperate!

Qianjing has advanced equipment such as high-efficiency CNC lathes, CNC high-speed machining centers, CNC EDM machines, CNC slow wire cutting machines, high-speed internal grinders, cylindrical grinders and surface grinders imported from Japan, and LD excitation YAG laser marking machines. And optical projectors, Rockwell hardness testers, microcomputer altimeters and other high-precision testing equipment, the introduction of Japanese high-end heat treatment technology to make the mold more accurate, more durable, more economical, longer life.

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Contact: Manager Ni (Sales Manager) QQ: 190045415
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