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Shanghai Pudong cnc processing plant

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Shanghai Jindong Metal Products Co., Ltd.- Shanghai Pudong cnc processing plant was established in May 2009. It is a technical enterprise specializing in CNC model processing, precision parts processing, mechanical assembly maintenance and manufacturing. We have modern high-precision processing equipment, such as high-speed machining centers, CNC lathes, pneumatic power wires, etc., to ensure your product accuracy. Our door pays special attention to the overall process and aesthetics of the product. To satisfy you is our pursuit. The precision and appearance meet your standards. We can provide one-to-one product communication on-site, professionally propose product processing recommendations that meet your requirements, and save your valuable time. You only need to provide parts samples and drawings.

The factory has established a set of efficient operation system from procurement to processing, manufacturing, quality inspection, shipping, and service in the spirit of honesty, aggressiveness, pioneering spirit, and hard work: standardized management mode, strict quality Consciousness, efficient operation process, perfect management system, and exquisite workmanship ensure the high quality and high requirements of the product, which makes the company continue to develop and grow in the fierce market competition relying on good quality reputation.

The company has CNC external processing mold parts, welcome customers in Songjiang, Minhang, Pudong, Jiading to place orders.

Shanghai Pudong cnc processing plant

1. Welding workshop: can undertake electric welding, argon arc welding, carbon dioxide shielding welding, aluminum welding.
2. Sheet metal workshop: CNC shearing machine, CNC folding machine, laser cutting machine, punch, hydraulic press.
3. Existing equipment in the finishing workshop: general car 6140, general car 61125, general car 6230, CNC lathe 6140, machining center 1890, machining center 1580, 4-meter gantry milling machine, boring machine, wire cutting, drilling machine, etc.
4. Customized processing equipment: The existing design, production and installation equipment include PP separator, drying furnace, suction crane, steel plate sticking machine, combustion furnace, washing machine, trolley furnace.

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