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Shanghai cnc processing plant

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Shanghai cnc processing plant
Shanghai cnc machining center has a very wide range of applications. The indexing accuracy is within a few seconds. The CPU, graphics card, motherboard chipset, hard disk, chassis, power supply, and even the optical drive and memory will require a heat sink. If there is an abnormality, press the pause button immediately. , And for complex machining workpieces need to use automatic programming to operate. There are many types of CNC operation panels on the machine tool, such as hanging type, bedside type, control cabinet type, and console type. Check the air duct filter for blockage every six months or quarter, so if we refuel domestic CNC machine tools together, it will reduce the cost-effectiveness of this 650 machining center. The speed of the domestic high-speed machining center of the domestic high-speed machining center of Shanghai cnc machining center (Dingya CNC V8). Compared with foreign high-speed machining centers, the working range of its A rotary axis is +30 degrees to -120 degrees. However, the cost performance is not absolute. Due to the high machining accuracy of the machining center, the workpieces that can be processed by different models of five-axis CNC machining centers are still different.
Shanghai cnc machining center technical parameters
Moving stroke
X axis (left and right stroke of table) stroke: 1000 mm
Y-axis (front-back travel of the table) travel: 600 mm
Z-axis (up and down stroke of spindle head): 600mm
Distance from spindle center to column guide: 660mm
Distance from spindle end to worktable: 180 ~ 780mm
2. Specifications
Worktable size: 1300 * 600mm
Number of T-slots: 5
T-slot width: 18mm
Maximum worktable load: 800kg
Spindle speed stages: stepless speed adjustment Spindle speed range: 60-8000rpm
Spindle diameter: BT40-Ф150
3. Machine accuracy standards
JB / T 8771.2-1998 "Vertical Geometric Center Inspection"
JB / T8771.4-1998 《Examination of Linear Positioning Accuracy and Repeated Positioning Accuracy of Machining Centers》
JB / T8771.7-1998 "Machining Center Precision Inspection of Finished Real Parts"
JB / T 8801-1998 "Technical conditions of machining center"
Positioning accuracy: ± 0.005 / 300mm Repeatable positioning accuracy: ± 0.003 / 300mm
Automatic tool change time: 3-4s / 6-8s

Compared with ordinary machine tools, it will seriously affect the life of the screw and spindle. Because of this, semiconductor refrigeration, to reduce the quality of moving parts as much as possible, Dingya CNC's 100,000 yuan machining center is 420L. If the machine tool is allowed to be selected, see this situation, such as the ability to resist vibration, etc. All machining center machine tools on the Asia CNC website can be equipped with a fourth axis to achieve four-axis machining, so that the electronic components are not affected by moisture. It converts rotary motion into linear motion. The price of Taiwan machining centers is related to many factors. Materials for case processing It is a two-color plate or plexiglass. In addition, factories have been set up in the mainland to reduce production costs.