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Shanghai cnc machining center

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Shanghai cnc machining center-Shanghai Jindong Metal Products Co., Ltd., is quite famous in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui area. Since its establishment in 2003, it has been widely praised by customers. 15 years has made Dingya stronger, and its technical strength is even more convincing!
Difference between precision carving machine and machining center Since its establishment in 2003, Dingya Precision Machine has always adhered to the concept of "professional-based, innovation-driven, and service-oriented", focusing on Shanghai cnc machining , CNC milling machines, The research and development of the center series has continued to develop new models, with production bases in Yunnan, Fujian and Jiangsu. Adapted to the needs of the market, and won the favor and praise of customers.
Shanghai cnc machining center has a unique exhibition hall + 4S sales service model, has strong after-sales service force and sufficient maintenance spare parts inventory, and cooperates closely with well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers to provide product selection, processing solutions, Complete equipment solutions such as prototype processing, customer training, fixture design, tool selection, parameter optimization, and automation support.
"Shanghai Jindong" will open branches and service teams throughout the country, and strive to provide you with efficient, fast and high-quality services in the shortest time.
Shanghai Jindong is willing to grow with you and create brilliant!

The machine design takes overall balance as a comprehensive consideration. The main structure of the machine adopts a box body and a wide base, a "herringbone" shape, and the Y-axis motor is located behind. The main casting materials such as the base, column, saddle, headstock, and worktable are all optimized, high-quality, high-tensile resin sand molding castings with stable structure, small deformation, and can withstand high strength tension and load. Tempering treatment and vibration natural aging treatment eliminate stress and maintain precise displacement and positioning. Test and analyze the whole machine for vibration sources, stress distribution, temperature rise response, structural displacement, etc. to ensure that the various designs are improved to the best conditions.
The sliding surfaces of the spindle guide rails are all subjected to high-frequency hardening treatment and then finely ground. All are matched with fluororesin TURCITE-B, and each veneer is completely lubricated, and the processing stability is high.
The three-axis ball screw adopts imported high-precision double-nut ball guide rod direct transmission and is designed with appropriate pre-tensioning.
8. Machine protection
Machine guards are safe, complete and reliable
Comply with GB15760-1995 "General technical spare parts for safety protection of metal cutting machines"
Machine noise: in line with national standards <75db
Electric control cabinet cooling adopts cold heat exchanger to cool down, sealed and dustproof, dustproof grade IP65
9. Lubrication system
Automatic lubrication device is used to force lubrication on each sliding surface and ball screw. The oil injection time interval and oil injection amount can be adjusted.
Lubricant select T68 # rail lubricant
10. Cooling system
Cooling system volume 200L
Cooling pump, motor power 0.5KW, flow rate 40L / min
Cutting cooling for Vientiane nozzle spraying coolant