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Shanghai aluminum profile cnc machining center

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Customized service for aluminum profile opening

Shanghai Jindong Metal Products Co., Ltd. combines the international cutting-edge industrial aluminum profile design concept with the low cost advantages of Chinese domestic aluminum profiles and supporting connectors. , Precision processing, assembly and other one-stop value-added services.

The cost of aluminum profile mold is judged based on the size of aluminum alloy profile. The diagonal of the profile and the length of the profile to be produced have a direct impact on the mold cost. Compared with ordinary aluminum extrusion dies, rapid extrusion requires a large diverter hole in the die, that is, to ensure sufficient supply.

The upper die is thin, that is, the feeding stroke is shortened; the die working belt is short, that is, the resistance between aluminum and the die is reduced; as the extrusion process is completed, the temperature of the deformation zone increases, and the faster the extrusion speed, the temperature of the deformation zone increases It is also faster, so the mold should have a mold cooling system to ensure that the temperature of the extrusion mold is stable, low temperature and high speed, to achieve rapid extrusion, and to ensure the life of the mold and the quality of the profile. In addition, the material properties of the rapid extrusion die are better.

Aluminum alloy profile products and applications

Industrial aluminum profiles and accessories can be processed and assembled into products: tool racks (cars), operating tables, antistatic workbenches, product display racks, industrial fences, screens, testing equipment, biological experiment equipment, motor rotor production lines, brackets, electronics Product production line, assembly line workbench, Shanghai aluminum profiles are all in Shanghai Jindong.

Shanghai Jindong Metal Products Co., Ltd. is committed to providing customers with integrated services such as industrial aluminum profile fittings, design, CNC processing and assembly with high quality and favorable price. Many years of production and development experience in large-scale processing, EU production testing standards. It is mainly used for industrial production, such as automation machinery and equipment, the skeleton of the enclosure, and various companies to customize the mold opening according to their own mechanical equipment requirements, such as assembly line conveyors, elevators, dispensers, testing equipment, shelves, etc. Electronic machinery industry and clean room are mostly used

Precision CNC machining

Shanghai Jindong Metal Products Co., Ltd. uses aluminum profiles as the base material and can provide customers with all aspects of services from extrusion molding to machining and surface treatment. At present, the processing services we can provide are: precision cutting, bending, stamping, turning and milling, CNC machining, etc. We can control the processing tolerance to plus or minus 0.01MM, and the maximum effective stroke of the machine tool is 6500MM.

Precision machining is a process that uses a machining machine to change the dimensions or properties of a workpiece. According to the temperature state of the workpiece being processed, it is divided into cold processing and hot processing. Generally, it is processed at normal temperature without causing chemical or phase change of the workpiece. It is called cold processing. Generally, the processing above or below normal temperature will cause the chemical or phase change of the workpiece, which is called thermal processing. Cold processing can be divided into cutting processing and pressure processing according to the difference in processing methods. Hot working is usually heat treatment, forging, casting and welding.