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Precision cnc processing price

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What is the price of precision cnc processing ? What's the general cost?

Precision cnc machining

After processing the workpiece, the precautions are as follows:

1) After the processing of all batches of workpieces, check the tool number and tool compensation value to make the tool number and tool compensation value in the program, offset page, adjustment card and process card completely the same; Re-setting the tool on the tool can effectively reduce the impact of tool wear on the workpiece;
2) Remove the tool from the magazine and press the adjustment card or program to clear the number and enter the library. Disks, technology, and tool adjustment cards are put into storage;

3) Remove the fixture, some fixtures should record the installation position and orientation, and make records and archives;

4) Stop each coordinate axis at the middle position;

5) If you need to shut down at this time, you can press the power disconnect button on the operation panel and wait for a while to allow the spindle cooling oil in the spindle to return automatically after turning off.

Precision cnc machining

Application of new theory, new principle, new perspective, new method and new technology in ultra-precision machine tools

In recent years, some new theories, new principles, new perspectives, new methods and new technologies have been applied to the ultra-precision basic components and machine tool structures.

1 In terms of machine structure

In order to increase the static and dynamic stiffness of ultra-precision machine tools, some ultra-precision machine tools use very special structures, such as triangular prism-shaped vertical ultra-precision grinding machines, which are designed for ultra-large diameter (φ 400mm) silicon wafer grinding and processing. The traditional gantry structure is prone to the disadvantages of pitch and yaw deformation under heavy processing loads. In recent years, a multi-degree-of-freedom parallel machine tool structure has been adopted, which further increases the rigidity of the machine tool.