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cnc precision parts processing method steps

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cnc precision parts processing method steps

First of all, you must read the content of the process flow clearly before machining the CNC parts, clearly know the parts to be processed, the shape, the dimensions of the drawings, and the processing content of the next steps.

Before clamping the processed raw materials, you should first measure whether the blank size meets the requirements of the drawing, and you must carefully check whether its placement is consistent with the programmed instructions.

After the rough processing of the processing technology is completed, a self-inspection should be performed in time to adjust the error data in a timely manner. The content of the self-test is mainly the position and size of the processing part.

(1) Whether there is looseness during machining of mechanical parts;

(2) Whether the part processing technology correctly touches the starting point;

(3) Whether the size of the CNC machined part to the reference edge (reference point) meets the requirements of the drawing;

(4) The position and size of the cnc machining parts. After checking the size of the position, measure the rough shape rule (except for arc).

After roughing confirmation, the part is finished. Self-inspection of the shape and size of the drawing part before finishing: the basic length and width of the processing part on the vertical plane is measured; the measured base point size of the drawing is measured on the processing part of the bevel. Complete the self-inspection of the parts and confirm that they meet the requirements of the drawings and processes before removing the workpiece and sending it to the inspector for special inspection. When encountering precision cnc parts processing in small batches, batch processing is required after the first one is qualified.