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Which precision machining center is good?

Back to list 发布日期:19年06 月03日 Source: Jindong Metal Products Release Date: June 03, 19

I. Which is the best quality of precision machining center

The quality of precision machining centers is mainly determined by the workmanship, which refers to production technology and materials. A good quality CNC machining center has good accuracy stability and long service life, so the quality problem is a concern for many customers.

If the quality is discussed, then we still recommend some imported machining center brands from Germany and Switzerland, such as Demag, Julang, Baomei, Ligit, Weiming, etc. These brands of CNC machining centers can be said in terms of quality It is the best, far surpassing the domestic CNC machining center. Even Japan's CNC machining center is difficult to compare. Compared with them, the manufacturing technology of domestic CNC machining centers has a gap of more than ten years, and domestic CNC machining center manufacturers rarely use the good materials to re-introduce. Although Japan's CNC machining centers are much better than domestic ones, they are still slightly inferior to Germany and Switzerland.

Second, the quality of precision machining centers is about cost performance

The quality of a CNC machining center can reflect its performance from the side. It is almost impossible to say that a good quality CNC machining center is not capable, and performance is directly related to the issue of high cost performance. Therefore, we say that the quality of CNC machining centers is related to cost performance, but it does not directly affect the cost performance.

Of course, in addition to performance, there is also an impact on price. The prices of some of the CNC machining centers that are generally considered to be the best are very high. Although the quality is very good, the price is still high, which makes the above-mentioned CNCs The machining center is not cost-effective. In some ways, it can even be said to be low-cost. It can be seen that good-quality CNC machining centers are not necessarily high-performance CNC machining centers. However, the quality of CNC machining centers with good cost performance is generally not bad. Customers who choose the right manufacturers can buy CNC machining centers with good quality and high cost performance, so good manufacturers are very important. Taicheng CNC adopts Taiwan's advanced technology and is committed to creating a CNC machining center with good quality and high cost performance for customers. If you need a CNC machining center, please contact us and we will serve you wholeheartedly.