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Matters needing attention in batch processing of precision machinery

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There are many contents of precision machinery batch processing, including many aspects, especially in the machinery industry, this word is often used. What are the processing technologies of Beijing CNC processing manufacturers? These are all issues in this area, and they are also worth thinking about. We will introduce them in the following.

1.Precautions for CNC machining

(1) When the workpiece is too high, it should be cut with different lengths. After using a large knife for roughing, use a small knife to remove the remaining material.

(2) Use flat-bottomed knives to process planes. Ball knives are used less to reduce processing time. If there is a slope and it is an integer, a sloped knife should be used.

(3) Set the tolerances reasonably, so that the processing accuracy and computer calculation time are balanced with each other. Do more procedures to reduce the empty tool time.

(4) The rough material has high hardness, so choose upside down milling; the rough material has low hardness, choose down milling. Roughing up milling and finishing milling.

(5) The tool material has good toughness and low hardness for rough machining, and the tool material has poor toughness and high hardness for finishing.

2. CNC machining technology

(1) Part clamping method and fixture selection

The clamping method of the machined parts on the CNC machine tool must also reasonably select the positioning reference and clamping scheme. When making the precise reference selection, generally follow the two principles of "unified reference" and "reference overlap". We need to consider this principle:

a. Try to complete the processing of all the surfaces in one positioning clamp, so choose a positioning method that is convenient for each surface to be processed.

b. When the workpiece is clamped at one time, it should be able to complete the processing of all surfaces of the workpiece.

c. When determining the placement of the workpiece on the workbench, consideration should be given to the processing quality of each station, the length of the tool and the rigidity of the tool on the processing quality.

d. Fixtures used in controlled processing should be selected as much as possible by assembling universal components and can be adjusted to shorten the production preparation cycle.

(2) Arrangement of processing sequence

When arranging the processing sequence, the basic principles must be followed, including "face first, then hole", "rough first and then fine", etc. In addition to these basic principles, we should also follow the following principles, as follows:

a. According to the centralized processing of the tool, avoid the repeated use of the same tool multiple times and reduce the number and time of tool changes.

b. For the hole system with high coaxiality requirements, after one positioning, the processing of the hole system should be completed, and then the hole system at other coordinate positions should be processed. This can eliminate the errors caused by repeated positioning and improve Coaxiality of the hole system.

c. Select and determine the tool point and the tool change point. Once it is determined, it should not be replaced.