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What skills do high-precision machining designers need to master

Back to list 发布日期:18年06 月26日 Source: Jindong Metal Products Release Date: June 26, 2018

High-precision machining designer: Refers to the mechanical design knowledge of the corresponding industry, such as hydraulic design, the design of a certain mechanical mechanism. Mainly use "AutoCAD", "Solidworks", "UG NX", "pro / e" and other related software to design mechanical parts and draw mechanical drawings. Mechanical design can be divided into three types: new design, inherited design and variant design.

High-precision machining basic skills
1. Skillfully draw product design drawings and process drawings (tooling, fixtures, etc.) that meet national standards.
2. Skilled use of mechanical principles, mechanical mechanisms, mechanical design and national and international standards, according to the design task requirements: creative design effect is good, low-cost products.
3. Skillful use of computer-aided design: 2D software engineering drawings, 3D software design products and modeling effects.
4. Will draw the effect diagram, which can accurately show the overall coordination of the product, texture, color changes, the main body of the device, the overall effect of harmony and so on.
5. Familiar with various materials (material performance, characteristics, size specifications, color and price, etc.) and heat treatment methods, in order to properly select materials and proper heat treatment methods.
6. Proficient and correct use of typical mechanical mechanism types, especially the advantages and disadvantages of each mechanical mechanism, commonly used structural methods, methods, etc.
7. Improve the knowledge and cultivation of various aspects of machinery, familiar with various basic characteristics and variants. Learn about the historical development of various equipment and the mechanical mechanisms, structural methods, and methods used.
8. Possess the knowledge and skills of surveying and mapping (method and accuracy of surveying), and be able to properly make on-site surveying and mapping sketches and improve design related materials.
9. Familiar with various processing techniques and assembly techniques, and can correctly compile processing techniques and assembly techniques. Correct selection of processing equipment and various tools.
10. Have extensive cultural knowledge and cultivation (the development status of various types of equipment). This is beneficial for designing products with stable performance, beautiful appearance, and a sense of time.
11. Will be good at collecting and accumulating design materials, such as reference books (manuals, standards, etc.), new methods of surveying and mapping, photographing, copying and recording, and continuously accumulate useful design materials.
12. Master the skills of professional investigation, whether it is a comprehensive or professional investigation, you can grasp the main points and get the situation and information that the designer should master to facilitate the mechanical design work.
13. Will produce high-quality models independently, which requires designers to understand materials and process practices, and will use the necessary tools and equipment. This is the hands-on ability that a designer should have.
14. Will measure, analyze problems, and finalize error calculations. These designers also need to master the skills.
15. Mechanical designers are proficient in computer-aided design (CAD), master finite element analysis to optimize mechanical design, and design more reasonable products with good quality and reduced costs.