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Precision machining methods

Back to list 发布日期:19年06 月10日 Source: Jindong Metal Products Release Date: June 10, 19

The mechanism and characteristics of Shanghai Jindong's precision machining methods . Precision machining can be divided into four categories: tool cutting, abrasive processing, special processing and composite processing.

With the development of processing technology, many new machining mechanisms have appeared, so in precision machining, especially in micro-machining. According to the forming mechanism and characteristics of parts. Divided into three categories of removal processing, combined processing and deformation processing. Removal processing, also called separation processing, is the use of processing methods such as force, heat, electricity, and light to remove a portion of material from a workpiece, such as cutting, grinding, and electrical processing. The combined processing of Beijing precision parts processing is to use physical and chemical methods to attach (deposit), inject (infiltrate), and weld a layer of different materials on the surface of the workpiece, such as electroplating, vapor deposition, oxidation, carburizing, bonding, welding, etc. Deformation processing is the use of force, heat, molecular motion and other means to deform the workpiece and change its size, shape and properties, such as casting, forging, etc.

It can be seen that the concept of processing has broken through the traditional removal processing methods, and has characteristics such as stacking, growth, and deformation. At the same time, it emphasizes the surface treatment and forms the surface processing technology.

Technical and technological advantages of precision machining

Compared with the chipless process, the precision machining of Shanghai Jindong Precision Machining Method has the advantages of high mechanical removal rate and good economy. This is the case, for example, compared with laser plasma processing technology; this is because this technology currently only provides a large amount of energy to achieve a high material removal rate; on the other hand, whether the processed workpiece can meet the size and shape accuracy requirements Problems.

Chipless pressure machining is mainly used for large-scale production, and often requires subsequent cutting to obtain the final qualified workpiece shape. Therefore, the main advantage of machining is that it can make the workpiece reach higher accuracy.