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Structure and characteristics of precision machining equipment

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A machining center with parallel spindles is called a horizontal machining center. Generally, a horizontal machining center has 3-5 motion coordinate axes. Common horizontal machining centers have three linear motion axes plus one rotary motion coordinate axis. Most of the worktables of the horizontal machining center are square, which can complete the machining of all sides of the workpiece at a time by clamping the workpiece. What I just said is the basic structure of a horizontal machining center, so how does a horizontal machining center classify the structure? There are various structural classification methods. There are two types of headstock position classification: headstock headstock and headstock side-hanging. They are classified by column: fixed column and movable column. They are classified by machine shape. : Positive T and inverted T. There are three types of feed according to Z axis: Z axis table feed, Z axis column feed, and Z axis ram feed. There are three types of column feed in the industry. Today, I will introduce the structure classified by columns. It has just been said that there are two types of column types, namely moving column and fixed column horizontal machining centers. Let's introduce its structure and characteristics.

Structure and characteristics of precision machining equipment -fixed column horizontal machining center

There are three types of horizontal machining centers with fixed columns. The columns are fixed. The headstock does Y-direction motion. The table does Z and X motions. The headstock does Y and Z motions. The table does X-direction motions. The spindle box performs Y and X movements, and the table does Z movements. This is a fixed column horizontal machining center. This type of horizontal machining center has good structural rigidity, high machining accuracy, and installation adjustment. Convenient and so on.

Structure and Features of Precision Machining Equipment -Moving Column Horizontal Machining Center

There are many types of horizontal machining centers with moving columns, and there are three types, all of which are moving columns. The worktable is fixed, the column is X-moved, and the headstock is mounted sideways to perform Z, Y movements; the table is moved in Z-direction, the column is X-moved, and the headstock is moved in Y-direction; Movement, the headstock performs Y-direction movement; these three are moving column horizontal machining centers. The moving column type horizontal machining center has high rigidity, large load capacity, and is suitable for heavy cutting and rough machining.