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What are the factors that affect the accuracy of machining?

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In mechanical processing, there are many factors that affect the accuracy of mechanical processing . These factors affect the quality of mechanically processed workpieces and the efficiency of precision mechanical parts processing. What are the factors that affect the accuracy of mechanical processing?

1. Factors Affecting Machining Precision : Forces in Mechanical Processing

In the process of mechanical processing, the problem of deformation of the workpiece due to uneven force often occurs. Because in actual machining, once the mechanical processing equipment is stressed, the corresponding position will change. Once it is in form Changes will directly affect the normal operation of mechanical processing equipment, and even lead to a reduction in the useful life of mechanical processing equipment. The main reasons for this are:

(1) In the operation of mechanical processing equipment, in addition to the relative strength of the component when processing the part, it also needs to withstand the strength of the mechanical processing equipment itself. The frictional strength of each component can also have a serious impact on the accuracy of mechanical processing.

(2) During the machining process, the strength of the machining equipment is relatively large. This is mainly because the strength of the parts such as the fixtures used during the operation of the machining equipment is relatively large. Under long-term operation, the relative displacement of the position will occur, and even the shape changes due to the force.

2. Factors Affecting Machining Precision : Thermal Deformation

(1) During the processing of some precision mechanical parts with relatively high precision requirements, a large amount of heat will be generated on the surface during processing processes such as grinding and cutting, which will cause a temperature difference between the processing surface and other surfaces. , And the appearance of the temperature difference can change its shape. In this case, even if the excess part that has already been deformed is processed, the shape will still appear to be a certain level when it returns to an early normal temperature state. Error affects the precision of precision machinery parts processing.

(2) Because the machine tool is in operation, heat is generated in itself and related components, which causes thermal deformation. Because the structure of the machine tool itself is relatively complex and contains many parts, these parts also generate heat to each other during operation, which causes the temperature of relevant parts to continue to rise, ultimately affecting the temperature of the machine tool, and the temperature of the machine tool rises. Under the circumstances, the relative position of each component will change, and the accuracy of the machine tool will be affected to a certain extent, so that the accuracy of the machining of the mechanical parts cannot be guaranteed.

Machining accuracy is the most basic guarantee for the normal use of machining equipment. Machining accuracy mainly refers to the degree of matching of the corresponding structure, shape, size and other aspects of the mechanical part and the ideal state after processing. The higher the degree of matching, the The higher the accuracy of the part processing.