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What are the technologies for precision machinery parts processing?

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的使用,在工业中,还是比较多的,因为它是一种比较好的加工方法,可以满足各种产品的要求,也是比较符合人们的要求的,所以才让人这么喜欢,那么精密机械零件加工技术分别包括哪一些? At present, the use of precision machining is still relatively common in the industry, because it is a better processing method that can meet the requirements of various products, and it is more in line with people's requirements, so people like it so much. , Then what are the precision machining technology?

Ultra-high-speed machining skills refer to modern machining skills that use cutting tools with super-hard materials and greatly improve cutting rates, machining accuracy and machining quality after greatly improving cutting speed and feed speed.
The cutting speed limitation of ultra-high speed machining varies with different workpiece data and different cutting methods. At present, it is generally thought that the cutting speed limitations of various materials for ultra-high-speed cutting are: aluminum alloy has exceeded 1600m / min, cast iron is 1500m / min, super heat-resistant nickel alloy has 300m / min, titanium alloy has 150 ~ 1000m / min, The fiber reinforced plastic is 2000 ~ 9000m / min.
The cutting speed limitations of various cutting processes are: turning 700 ~ 7000m / min, milling 300 ~ 6000m / min, drilling 200 ~ 1100m / min, grinding above 250m / s and so on.
Ultra-high-speed machining skills mainly include: ultra-high-speed cutting and grinding mechanism research, ultra-high-speed spindle unit manufacturing skills, ultra-high-speed feed unit manufacturing skills, ultra-high-speed machining tools and abrasive tools manufacturing skills, and ultra-high-speed machining online active detection and control Skills, etc.
At that time, ultra-fine machining refers to machining skills where the dimensional accuracy of the part being processed is higher than 0.1 μm, the appearance roughness Ra is less than 025 μm, and the resolution and repeatability of the positioning accuracy of the machine tool used are higher than 0.01 μm, also known as submicron Level processing skills, and is developing to nano-level processing skills.
Superfine machining skills mainly include: ultrafine machining mechanism discussion, ultrafine machining equipment manufacturing skills discussion, ultrafine machining stuff and sharpening skills discussion, ultrafine measurement skills and error compensation skills discussion, ultrafine machining task prerequisite discussion .