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What are the tips and tricks in precision machining?

Back to list 发布日期:18年07 月03日 Source: Jindong Metal Products Release Date: July 03, 2018

Today, with the rapid development of various industries in the market, it has been recognized and used by everyone, which is enough to prove how important the existence of this industry is. When we have not come into contact with this industry, it must be for it Without a certain understanding, the same is true of Shanghai precision machining . So what are the skills and tips in precision machining?

Trick one: Remove the jaws of the vise, process two M4 threaded holes, place two steel plates 2 1.5mm thick with the jaws, and rive the 0.8mm thick brass plate with aluminum countersunk rivets. 3 Fasten it to the jaws with M4 countersunk screws 1 to form a durable soft jaw. This can also maintain hardware parts from being pinched, and is also interchangeable.
Tip two: Use the magnet to extract small parts (excessive parts). It is not convenient to suck and remove. You can suck an iron plate 2 under the magnet 1. Not only can it suck a lot of small pieces, but also pull the iron plate apart. Poured into the collection box, lacking to move the heart, but very applicable.
Tip three: When the pulley is driving, the pulley often slips between the axle and the shaft. Use a ¢ 15 ~ 18mm dimple to drill a series of nests on the axle. This can form adsorption force, avoid slipping, and turn waste into treasure. The boss will reward you.
Tip 4: When the handle of the Allen wrench is short and cannot hold the force, a pipe with a slightly larger inner diameter than the wrench can be inserted into the slot from a section of the milling slot, which can be regarded as a long handle.
Tip 5: There is a statement about tightening the workpiece before positioning and clamping, but about a workpiece, first clamping and positioning. Since the workpiece will definitely be deformed during clamping, it should be clamped and positioned first. About 6 o'clock Locate and find the freedom that limits it.
The above are the tips and tricks in Shanghai precision machining . We can use these tips to make our processing more convenient, less troublesome, and allow us to reduce labor without spending so much time and energy. We can learn to use it.