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Basic knowledge of CNC machining center

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One. CNC machine tools and CNC systems
The meaning of CNC is computer numerical control.
1. CNC machine tools ⑴. Hole cutting, tapping, boring, milling, turning, thread cutting, plane cutting, contour machining, surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, cylindrical grinding, etc. for metal cutting.
⑵. Wire electrode cutting machine.
⑶. Punching, nibbling, stamping, metal forming, pipe bending and other machine tools.
⑷. Industrial robot.
⑸. Injection molding machine.
⑹. Testing and measuring machines.
⑺. Woodworking machinery.
⑻. Special material processing machinery: such as processing stone, glass, emissive minerals, etc.
⑼. Special processing machinery laser processing machine, gas cutting machine, welding machine, drawing machine, printing machine, etc.
With the development of electronic technology, computer technology and IT technology, these machine tools and processing equipment can be controlled by numerical computers with numerical data, which is called CNC control.
Is a metal processing machine ------ the general structure of the vertical machining center.

2. CNC system
The meaning of CNC system is computer numerical control system.
It is the basic configuration diagram of a CNC system.
CNC control of machine tools is an integrated multidisciplinary comprehensive control technology

It is a typical CNC control system. As can be seen from the figure, a CNC system includes: ⑴. CNC control unit (numerical controller part). ⑵. Servo drive unit and feed servo

electric motor. ⑶. Spindle drive unit and spindle motor. ⑷. PMC (PLC) controller. ⑸. Input / output (I / O) of control signals for machine tool strong electrical cabinet

yuan. ⑹. Machine position measurement and feedback unit (usually included in the servo drive unit). ⑺. External axis (mechanical) control unit. Such as: tool magazine, exchange table, upper

Drive shafts for blanking robots, etc. ⑻. Information input / output device. Such as computers, disk drives, memory cards, keyboards, special information equipment, etc. ⑼. The internet. Such as Ethernet,

HSSB (high-speed data transmission port), RS-232C port, etc. and the local area network of the processing site.
The bottom right I / OLinki servo amplifier and motor are used to drive and control external machinery. Ethernet is drawn above.
The hardware of the CNC unit (controller part) is actually a dedicated microcomputer. It is the core of machine tool control designed and manufactured by CNC equipment manufacturers.