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Oil leakage during cnc processing

Back to list 发布日期:19年04 月09日 Source: Jindong Metal Products Release Date: April 09, 19
1. The oil change does not meet the requirements.
Oil leakage from cnc machining centers is often caused. The problems in oil change are mainly manifested in three aspects. Computer Gong Machining | High-speed CNC Machining | Machine Parts Machining | CNC Machining Under certain influence, the sealing performance of these parts may be greatly reduced. Second, the oil tank is not cleaned during oil change, and the dirt in the oil tank may enter the lubrication system, blocking the oil passage and wearing seals, causing oil leakage. Third, too much oil is added during oil change, especially in the parts with rotating parts. Because of the stirring action of the rotating parts, oil spill is more likely to occur.
2. Inappropriate selection and adjustment of lubrication system parts caused oil leakage.
For example, cnc processing and maintenance personnel use oil pumps with too high pressure or excessive oil output during maintenance, or when the system pressure is adjusted, the pressure adjustment of the relief valve, safety valve, pressure reducing valve, etc. is too high, computer gong processing | high speed CNC machining | Machining of machine parts | CNC machining CNC machine tool lubrication system flow is too large and does not match the oil return system and sealing system, it will cause oil leakage.
In fact, it is not just the above points that cause the oil leakage situation of cnc machining center. If we encounter similar problems in operation, we must do a good job of checking and find the cause in time to avoid unnecessary losses. After the purchase of the machining center, do a comprehensive inspection to see if there are any casting defects or parts damage. If necessary, contact the manufacturer in time. The operator should also pay attention to the following points when using the CNC machining center to process the workpiece:
(1) For the first trial cutting process of cnc processing, single-stage operation mode should be used for processing.
(2) When the automatic operation of the CNC milling machine starts, the fast override and feed override S are at the lowest position, and then the efficiency is improved after cutting into the workpiece.
(3) In the operation of the CNC milling machine processing program, computer gong processing | Dongguan computer gong processing | high-speed CNC processing | mechanical parts processing | CNC processing need to pay attention to the coordinate display of the CNC system.
(4) Do not touch the CNC milling machine tools and chips with your hands. The chip must be cleaned with a brush.