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Independent performance of Shanghai Jindong CNC machining

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There is a certain difference between the precision metal machining parts created by these two methods, and the impact is that the workpieces made by different steels will be different. The CNC lathe consists of a bed, a headstock, a tool post feed system, a cooling and lubrication system, and a CNC system. Different from ordinary lathes, the feed system of CNC lathes is qualitatively different from ordinary lathes.

It does not have the traditional knife box, slide box and hanging rack. Instead, it uses a servo motor or a stepper motor to drive the slide and the cutter through a ball screw to achieve the feed movement. The numerical control system consists of a CNC unit, an input / output module, and an operation panel. (1) Processing methods of precision hardware processing parts 1. Solid solution strengthening: As the solute atoms enter the gaps or nodes of the solvent crystal lattice, the crystal lattice is distorted and the hardness and strength of the solid solution are increased. . Compounds: Chemical interactions occur between alloy components to form a new crystalline solid structure with metallic properties. Mechanical mixture: An alloy composition composed of two crystal structures. Although it is a double-sided crystal, it is a component with independent mechanical properties. 1. Ferrite: interstitial solid solution of carbon in a-Fe (body-centered cubic iron). Computer Gong Processing | Dongguan Computer Gong Processing | High Speed CNC Processing | Machining of Machine Parts | CNC Processing
2. Austenite: interstitial solid solution of carbon in g-Fe (face-centered cubic iron). 3.Cementite: a stable compound (Fe3c) formed by carbon and iron. 4. Pearlite: mechanical mixture composed of ferrite and cementite (F + Fe3c 0.8% carbon) 5. Lycite: mechanical mixture composed of cementite and austenite (4.3% carbon) Metal heat treatment is mechanical One of the important processes in manufacturing. Compared with other processing processes, heat treatment generally does not change the shape and overall chemical composition of the workpiece, but imparts or improves it by changing the microstructure inside the workpiece or changing the chemical composition on the surface of the workpiece. Performance of the workpiece.