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Shanghai cnc processing manufacturers preferred Jindong

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Shanghai Jindong Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to the marketing of machine tools for decades. Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the corporate values of “achieve employees, develop enterprises, serve customers, and return to society”, and has created a well-known comprehensive information service platform in the industry. Main machinery and equipment and supporting accessories, equipment renovation and maintenance, export trade, etc. Our company's main products have entered the core manufacturing fields of key industries such as automobile manufacturing, national defense, aerospace, rail transportation, and metal molds. In recent years, the company began to undertake domestic and foreign mechanical engineering and domestic international bidding projects. It has delivered more than 10,000 machine tools for domestic first-class enterprises including China National Petroleum Corporation, CNOOC, China Metallurgical Group, BMW Brilliance, FAW Group, BYD Auto, Shenfei Industry, Shaanxi Fei Group, Hebei Iron and Steel, etc.

The company's main service philosophy is: to provide scientific and professional supply solutions, making it easier and more appropriate for customers to choose machine tools; provide comprehensive and detailed consultation and training to allow customers to use machine tools and equipment more accurately and efficiently; provide sophisticated and safe regular maintenance, Allow customers to maintain longer life of machine tools and equipment through maintenance; provide authoritative and accurate overall industrial solutions to allow customers to gain a competitive edge; provide complete and stable transformation and recycling, so that customers can get more products while using machine tools and equipment value.

Customer needs are the meaning of our existence! We have a responsibility to make machine tool selection easier, and we are obliged to help the rapid development of the machine tool industry. We are willing to join hands with industry elites from all over the world to serve customers and enhance value!

The above is the introduction of "How much is an hour for CNC processing?" Shanghai Jindong focuses on CNC lathe parts, CNC gong bed parts, and machining products. Friends in need can contact us through the following methods:

  • Company Address: 7066 Daye Highway, Jinhui Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai
  • Phone: 086 021 58221229 136 8177 5846
  • QQ: 190045415
  • Email: 190045415@qq.com

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