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Shanghai cnc processing plant supplies ultra-large CNC machining

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Shanghai Jindong Machining Co., Ltd. is a professional parts manufacturer specialized in supporting domestic and foreign large and medium-sized enterprises. , 我们的技术力量 , 特别是技工队伍普遍素质较高 , 生产用的设备全部采用全新的国内外产品。 Because foreign companies have higher requirements for the quality of parts , our technical force , especially the technical staff, is generally of high quality . All the equipment used in production uses brand-new domestic and foreign products. , 但员工均来自外商独资企业和国营大中型企业 , 具备丰富的生产经验和操作技能 , 中高级技术人员具有长期和丰富的机械设计经验和相当卓越的专业技能,和较强的动手能力,公司管理层具有多年国外工作及五年以上中国大陆地区外商独资企业总经理的经历,有着先进的管理理念,规范的公司规章制度,靠管理出效益,靠良好和谐的人际氛围使得公司不断的发展壮大。 Although we are a growing company , our employees come from wholly foreign-owned enterprises and state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises . We have rich production experience and operating skills . Middle and senior technical staff have long-term and rich mechanical design experience and quite outstanding professional skills. And strong hands-on ability, the company's management has many years of foreign work and more than five years of experience as a general manager of a wholly foreign-owned enterprise in mainland China. It has advanced management concepts, standardized company rules and regulations, and benefits from management. The interpersonal atmosphere makes the company continue to grow and develop.

Shanghai Jindong Company Product Introduction
1. Our company is a professional manufacturer of rollers, pressure rollers and long shafts. The products are mainly used for transmission, printing, textile and other machinery. Production varieties include aluminum alloy hard chrome plated rollers, aluminum alloy hard oxidized rollers, nylon rollers, hard chrome plated rollers, galvanized rollers, Teflon coated rollers, polyurethane coated rollers, and herringbone rubber coated rollers. φ30 φ500 ,辊面从 30 3500 等可按需订制。 Specifications from straight through φ30 to φ500 , roller surface from 30 to 3500 can be customized according to demand. 0.01 以下,异是产品的形状和使用要求异,我们可以生产根据客户需要带各种角度刀片的辊筒和各种不规则形状的薄膜压辊 ( 参见产品图片 ) The characteristics of our products are precision and difference. The precision is high. The shape and position tolerances and dimensional tolerances are controlled below 0.01 . The difference is that the shape and use requirements of the product are different. We can produce rollers with various angle blades according to customer needs. And various irregularly shaped film press rolls ( see product picture ) . , 钳口和各种形状的定位销和用于纺织机的 4~8 米精密细长轴,铸铁或焊接件的大型床身件,大中型油缸 , 活塞杆,大型压缩机,大型风机等零部件。 As a supporting company of automobile production line manufacturers, we also produce fixtures with various functions , jaws and positioning pins of various shapes and large beds of 4 ~ 8 meters precision slender shafts, cast iron or welded parts for textile machines. Parts, large and medium-sized oil cylinders , piston rods, large compressors, large fans and other components. Many wholly foreign-owned enterprises in Shanghai and major European and American companies have used parts produced by our factory.
我们的大中型装备对外承接大件床身及其它大件的车、磨、铣、镗等机械外加工业务及五金,钣金加工业务 , 欢迎海内外商家和我们合作。 2.Our large and medium-sized equipment can undertake large-scale bed and other large-scale machine turning, grinding, milling, boring and other mechanical processing business and hardware, sheet metal processing business . Welcome domestic and foreign merchants to cooperate with us.

Because our company's large machine tools are completely purchased from Shanghai and other local products, most of them are equipped with digital display controllers, which can process large parts with high precision and can meet the needs of high-end customers. Many factories in the United States, United Kingdom and Italy buy our products. 石油化工、 环境保护和等高科技领域。 These products are widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, environmental protection and other high-tech fields.

The picture shows the production line of a certain project that our company customized for a research institute in Shanghai, Ministry of Aerospace Industry. The production line represents China's advanced level in the aerospace field. This production line requires advanced cold-work sheet metal welding technology, and supporting large-scale equipment, CNC cutting machinery. In particular, quite skilled operating technicians and technicians are required to carry out arduous, rigorous, serious and careful work to complete this project.

After cooperating with a Shanghai institute of the Ministry of Space, the research and development and production have been finalized and put into mass production. This product has a high scientific and technological content and is a high-tech water treatment process currently in the United States. This high-tech has been strongly supported by the US government and is being promoted in the environmental protection field. The special function knives and supporting parts are to minimize the blockage and ensure the process equipment of sewage treatment facilities. JWC 公司此项技术生产出了多个获奖产品。 This technology from the American JWC Company has produced many award-winning products. 已接获四水环境联盟( WEF )的 创新科技奖 ,是一家赢得两个以上的奖项的公司。 JWC has received the " Innovation and Technology Award " from the Four Water Environment Federation ( WEF ) and is a company that has won more than two awards. JWC 的分离系统快速发展成长。 The fine tradition of continuous innovation has made JWC 's separation system grow rapidly. 环保产品技术部门正在继续研究和开发,推出新产品,以提供废水处理,固体还原解决方案,固体清除和处理等新技术。 JWC's Environmental Product Technology Division is continuing research and development to launch new products to provide new technologies such as wastewater treatment, solid reduction solutions, solid removal and treatment. 15 个活跃的美国专利,解决了许多世界各国的在专利和技术领域的悬而未决的难题,而我公司正是美国 JWC 公司,在中国的的合作伙伴。 The company has 15 active U.S. patents, solving many outstanding problems in patents and technology in many countries around the world, and our company is the United States JWC company's partner in China.