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cnc precision CNC machining positions also have levels?

Back to list 发布日期:19年02 月12日 Source: Jindong Metal Products Release Date: February 12, 19

1. Blue-collar layer: namely CNC machining operation technicians, proficient in mechanical processing and CNC machining process knowledge, proficient in the operation and manual programming of CNC machine tools, understand automatic programming and simple maintenance and repair of CNC machine tools, such personnel have a large market demand and are suitable As a CNC machine tool operator in the workshop, his salary will not be high due to his relatively simple knowledge.

2. Gray-collar layer: First, CNC machining programmers: master CNC machining process knowledge and operation of CNC machine tools, familiar with the design and manufacturing expertise of complex molds, and master 3D CAD / CAM software, such as UG, PRO / E, etc. ; Familiar with CNC automatic programming and manual programming technology. This kind of personnel is in great demand, especially in the mold industry, it is very popular and the treatment is very high. Second, the maintenance and repair personnel of CNC machine tools: master the mechanical structure and electromechanical joint adjustment of CNC machine tools, master the operation and programming of CNC machine tools, and be familiar with the characteristics of various CNC systems, software and hardware structures, PLC and parameter settings. Proficient in mechanical and electrical debugging and maintenance of CNC machine tools. The demand for such personnel is relatively small, but training such personnel is very difficult, requires a lot of practical experience accumulation, is currently very scarce, and their treatment is high.

3. Gold-collar layer: It is a generalist of CNC machining, possesses and is proficient in the comprehensive knowledge that CNC machining operation technicians, CNC programmers and CNC maintenance and repair personnel need to master, and has accumulated a large amount of practical experience in practical work. He is proficient in the mechanical structure design of NC machine tools and the electrical design of NC systems, and masters the electromechanical joint tuning of NC machine tools. Can complete the selection of CNC system, design, installation, debugging and maintenance of CNC machine tool electrical system. Can independently complete the NC transformation of machine tools. It is a sought-after talent of enterprises (especially private enterprises), and its treatment is very high.

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