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What tools are commonly used in cnc5 axis machining centers?

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The five-axis CNC machining center plays an important role in the entire precision machining manufacturing industry. In order to better ensure its machining accuracy, it is also necessary to select a tool. The more precise and sharp the tool, the more capable it is. Provide good products, then which tools are often used in 5-axis CNC machining centers?

The main function of common tools in five-axis CNC machining centers is to process planes, as well as stepped surfaces and curved surfaces. Special tools are used to complete the machining. Some are end face milling cutters and some are ball end milling cutters. Different cutters have different functions. It can process different parts and molds, and will have different choices in different processing tasks. It is also a kind of circular milling cutter. The advantage of this product is that it enhances the cutting ability, so that the efficiency of the machining process is significantly improved. Of course, it is a tool that is used more frequently.

In the process of machine work, what kind of five-axis CNC machining center commonly used tools are completely determined according to specific circumstances, so we must master the flexible selection principle.

The emergence of CNC is a huge gospel for the mold processing industry. With this machine, the accuracy and efficiency of machining have been significantly improved. This is mainly because of the material and technology used in the machine. Of course, in technology The parameters are also better, so what are the commonly used CNC machining center parameters?

The travel parameters of the five-axis CNC machining center can be divided into X axis and Y axis. The former parameter is 800MM and the latter parameter is 500mm. The spindle will also have certain parameters. The worktable is mainly concerned with the size and the system. There will be some differences. There will be independent standards for tool magazines, shields, etc. Strict parameters can have better results in production.

The role of the tool magazine in the small vertical machining center is very important. It is a necessary device to complete many processing tasks. The supplier of the small vertical machining center is very familiar with it. Then let him come. Tell us about the knowledge of the tool magazine.

First, the definition

For the tool magazine, it is mainly a special device that provides the tool storage and tool change required during processing. A lot of tools of different specifications can be stored in the entire tool magazine, so that when the task is completed, it can be based on the program. Set up for fair use.

Second, types

There are also many types of tool magazines, one is a disc type tool magazine, and the other is a robot tool magazine. Users can choose a reasonable method based on their processing methods. select.

In short, there will be some differences in these parameters, and the existence of these parameters is actually to help you choose better parts. This is an inspiration for users that they must choose components according to the parameters so that the components can be better. Combined to make the machine work better, the accuracy and efficiency of processing will be improved.