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Sharing process of robot cnc precision parts processing

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With the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI), intelligent robots have become a blue ocean area, and many manufacturers have joined the ranks of R & D and design robots, such as Google and Baidu, which we all know well. Each intelligent robot is expensive, especially in the R & D design stage, and requires a lot of human and financial resources. When it comes to mass production, there will generally be die casting modeling and precision processing.

Generally, when the prototype is completed and assembled and debugged, it will be accompanied by the batch strength of the finished product. Because the requirements of intelligent robots are higher than traditional products, precision machining cannot be ignored, and it requires a rigorous production process chain. For cooperation, Shenzhen Hongweisheng Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is such a manufacturer with a variety of precision processing technologies and processing capabilities.

We have 18 years of experience in high-precision cnc machining. We have also previously participated in the customization and batch manufacturing of medical accessories, optical accessories, and communication accessories in the precision field. We have accumulated considerable experience. When facing robot precision parts processing, we The general approach is roughly divided into the following points:

1. When users send 3D drawings, they must first take security measures, change product numbers, strictly protect users' confidentiality, and minimize the possibility of leaking secrets.

2. Analyze the product process through the materials required for the product, the shape of the robot parts, and the core technical parameters, and then make the quotation form and deliver it to the user for approval;

3. Process confirmation and effective communication with the customer's engineer until the product plan is determined;

4. Issue parts processing orders through the company management system to the production system, and then organize relevant departments to program to get the 3D processing results of the products;

5. Purchase the raw materials required for robot parts processing and analyze the material elements, and store the materials;

6. Carry out small batch production and process optimization and then mass output;

7. Follow-up processes are more recent, such as whether surface grinding, polishing, spraying, plating, silk screen, etc.

8. Deliver to the user and follow up the follow-up matters;

Hongweisheng Precision Technology has more than 100 high-precision CNC machining equipment such as CNC core walking machines, cutting machines, machining centers, and turning-milling machining centers, which can guarantee the processing of high-volume robot precision parts and deliver on time. In order to meet the processing requirements, we have set up a precision inspection center and team with a projector, a three-coordinate detector, a spectrometer, etc., which strictly guarantee the quality of users. Welcome to call us, visit us, and discuss cooperation.