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Basic maintenance method of cnc precision machining center

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The application scope of cnc machining center is very wide, and it is also a kind of equipment often used in the field of precision machining. When using a machining center, whether it is before, during or after use, the corresponding maintenance items cannot be ignored Hongweisheng Precision Technology has been engaged in cnc external processing for 17 years. Today, I will share with you the maintenance knowledge of cnc machining centers.

1. Before operating the machining center, wear all labor protection supplies, perform lubrication and maintenance as required, and check the oil level of each lubricant.

2. Handle the workpiece lightly to prevent collision and damage to the work surface. When the workpiece of the machining center is heavier, the bearing capacity of the machine tool table should be verified. The machining center is not allowed to overload.

3, the machining program should be checked before it is correct before running. Use the high-speed function of the machining center to confirm the matching of the tool.

4. After the machining center machine tool is started, check whether the movement of the spindle and the table in all directions is normal, and whether there are abnormal noises.

5. During the processing, we should always pay attention to whether the movement and processing status of the machine tool are normal and encounter abnormal phenomena. When there is noise or alarm, the machine should be shut down immediately for inspection and processing, and the machining center can't continue processing until the fault is eliminated.

Good maintenance habits and periodic inspections can not only increase the service life of the machine tool, but also maintain good processing accuracy. Therefore, we will maintain and maintain the machine tool on a periodic basis and process high-precision parts. Only calm down.