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Processing issues that aluminum precision processing manufacturers need to pay attention to

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In the CNC machining industry, everyone will encounter such a situation. Large quantities of products are produced. In order to save costs and reduce user costs, aluminum alloy products are used for mold opening and then precision machining. After processing, many still need follow-up processing, such as wire drawing, oxidation anode and so on. It is also easy to cause damage during processing, such as top injuries and scratches. How can we effectively prevent this from happening? Shanghai Jindong, who has many years of experience in precision machining of aluminum profiles, has taken stock and summarized some related methods for your reference and take a look.

First, the following points must be made during production and processing:

1.If you want to make aluminum parts well and reduce the defect rate, you must first do 5S, especially clean, including molds, work surfaces, assembly lines and packaging materials must be free of sharp debris, no dirt and clear regular rectification, mold Must be cleaned and free of debris;

2. Aluminum parts are more likely to generate heat, and the backlog will harden, so you need to apply a little pressure on the material when you cut the material (that is, you can dissipate the heat and smooth the blanking) before processing;

3. If it is found that the product has a large burr, it must be sent to the mold for repair in time and follow up with the result;

4. Flattening the mold pushing block will produce aluminum shavings, so the aluminum shavings under the pushing block must be cleaned every day after the pushing block is produced;

5. For processing more porous products, it is necessary to clean the surface of the tool or mold to ensure that the mold, tool, and product are always clean and free of debris, and reduce the top injury. When the top injury is found, the problem of the mold or tool top injury must be found and solved. Before proceeding with production;

Pay special attention to the following points in the manufacture of molds or knives:

1. For the case where the number of projects is not affected, the hole processing should be arranged on the back face as much as possible, and even for the products with a large number of hole processing, one more project can be considered and the hole processing should be arranged behind;

2.When aluminum profile processing is bending, aluminum material is easy to produce aluminum shavings during bending, which can cause point injuries and indentations. Aluminum raw materials need to be affixed with PE film. In the case of rollers and electroplating, the forming block is polished. Hard chrome plating is preferred;

3.The aluminum material is soft and the mold is more likely to block or entangle the knife.Therefore, when designing the gap between the mold and the tool, a gap of 10% of the thickness of the double-sided material should be placed.The straight and deep position of the blade is 2MM, and the taper is 0.8-1 °. Suitable;

4. Because the aluminum material is brittle and easy to crack, especially in the case of reverse folding, try not to make the crimping line. Even if you do, make the crimping line wider and lighter;

5. For precision processed aluminum profiles requiring anode post-processing, if the flattening and flattening process is 180 °, the product cannot be completely pressed. Full pressing will cause acid bleed, and a seam of 0.2-0.3MM needs to be left in order to The acid solution flows out smoothly and in time, so in this process, a stop block must be made and the calibration mold is higher than the mold;

6.All aluminum parts require slow wire cutting to prevent burrs and blanking.Aluminum parts are prone to high temperatures. Therefore, the hardness of the tool or mold must be 60 ° or more, at least SKD11 or more, and no D2, etc. Poor quality material

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