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Some knowledge that steel precision machining manufacturers need to know

Back to list 发布日期:19年04 月30日 Source: Jindong Metal Products Release Date: April 30, 19

Steel is often used as a material in the precision machining industry. Many machinery fields use it to process components. However, steel precision machining manufacturers must distinguish between various common steel grades and corresponding application products. Shanghai Jindong Specializing in the precision machining of steel for 18 years, we have compiled a lot of information, and share our common and commonly used steel grades and applications in the form of a table. Let's take a look.

1. Corresponding grades and applications of common carbon structural steels

Grade grade Qb / Mpa With old standard use
Q195 // 315-390 A1 Used to manufacture small parts, iron wires, iron rings, horns, cotter pins, tie rods, stamping parts, and welding parts.
Q215 A 335-410 A2 Used in the manufacture of tie rods, ferrules, washers, infiltration rings, carburized parts and welded parts.
B C2
Q235 A 375-460 A3 Class A and B are used to manufacture metal structural parts, carburized parts or carbonitrided parts with low core strength requirements, tie rods, connecting rods, hooks, couplers, bolts, nuts, sleeves, shafts and connectors Grades C and D are used to manufacture important welded structural parts.
B B3
C //
D //
Q255 A 410-510 A4 It is used to manufacture parts such as shafts, mandrels, hooks, tie rods, rockers, wedges, etc. that do not require high strength. This negative weldability is acceptable.
B C4
Q275 // 490-610 C5 Used to manufacture shafts, sprockets, gears, hooks and other parts with high strength requirements.

2. Corresponding grades and uses of commonly used high-quality carbon steel

Steel group Grade Heat treatment Hardness (≤) use
Ordinary manganese steel 15 Normalizing 148 Plasticity and toughness; excellent welding performance and cold-pressing performance, but low strength, used to manufacture parts that are not stressed and require high toughness, fasteners, stamping parts and low-load parts that do not require heat treatment, such as Bolts, screws, tie bars, flanges, etc.
Normalizing and tempering 99-143
Ordinary manganese steel 20 Normalizing 156 Used to manufacture mechanical parts that do not experience great stress and require high toughness, such as levers, bushings, screws, lifting hooks, etc. It can also be used to make carburized parts with high surface hardness and main part with certain strength and toughness.
Normalizing and tempering 103-156
45 Normalizing 197-241 It is used to manufacture parts that require high strength and medium toughness.It is usually used in the quenched and tempered state.The quenching hardness is generally 40-50 HRC, such as gears, racks, sprockets, shafts, keys, pins, compressors And pump parts and shaft rollers. It can replace gear carburizing steel to make gears, shafts, piston pins, etc., but it should be quenched by high frequency or flame surface.
Normalizing and tempering 156-217
60 229-255 It has relatively high strength and elasticity, but it has a tendency to crack during quenching. Only small parts can be quenched, and large parts are usually normalized. Used in the manufacture of shafts, springs, washers, clutches, cams, etc. Low plasticity during cold deformation.
Higher manganese steel 20Mn Normalizing 197 This steel is a high-strength, low-carbon carburizing steel, which can be used to manufacture camshafts, gears, couplings, hinges, towbars, etc. The welding performance of this steel is acceptable.
60Mn Normalizing 229-269 This steel has high strength, and hardenable carbon spring steel has a low tendency to decarburize, but it is sensitive to overheating, prone to quench cracking, and temper hardening. It is suitable for manufacturing spiral springs, leaf springs, Various oblate springs, spring rings and leaf springs, cold-drawn or spring

Here we need to pay attention to: the number in the brand name means that the average carbon mass fraction is several ten thousandths, such as 15 ten thousandths, 20 ten thousandths, 45th steel means that the average carbon mass is 0.5%, 60Mn steel means no The average carbon mass is 0.6%, and the mass fraction of manganese is 0.7% ~ 1%.