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What kinds of safety devices should be used correctly during CNC machining?

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Shanghai CNC machining machining refers to the process of changing the external dimensions or performance of a workpiece through a mechanical device. According to the difference in processing methods, it can be divided into cutting processing and pressure processing. When performing mechanical processing, we must first pay attention to the secure installation. The claws and pressure plates should not protrude beyond the diameter of the faceplate. It is best to install a shield in Shanghai CNC machining. Secondly, pay attention to the weight of eccentric parts. It is important to be appropriate. The clearance between the inner hole diameter of the counterweight and the screw diameter should be small. The rotation speed of the machine tool should not be too high, in order to prevent the centrifugal force from moving the counterweight when it rotates, colliding with the machine tool guide rail, breaking the screws, and hurting the operator. In addition, the following types of safety devices must be used correctly when machining.

1. Protective device. Used to isolate the operator and the rotating parts of the machinery and equipment, live parts and harmful substances generated during processing. Such as belt covers, gear covers, electrical covers, iron filings, protective railings, etc.

2. Safety device. Used to improve the reliability of machine tool equipment. When a component fails or is overloaded, the safety device operates, quickly stopping the equipment or turning to no-load operation. Such as stroke limiter, friction clutch, etc.

3. Interlocking device. It is used to control the operation sequence of machine tools and equipment to avoid accidents caused by uncoordinated actions. If the lathe screw and polished rod cannot move at the same time, it is necessary to install an electrical or mechanical interlocking device to control it.

4. Signaling device. It is used to indicate the operating conditions of machinery and equipment, or to send signals such as colors and sounds when the machinery and equipment are malfunctioning, to remind the operator to take emergency measures to deal with it. Such as indicators, buzzers, electric bells, etc.