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What is the role of the machine tool in CNC machining?

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加工中有很多机械设备,每个都有独特的用途和专业。 There are many machinery and equipment in Shanghai CNC processing , each with its unique purpose and specialty. Now that I have sorted out the types and functions of Shanghai CNC machining, as shown below, I hope it will be helpful to you.

1. Type of machine tool

There are many types of machine tools. According to the statistics of the Machining Technician's Manual, there are 77 typical types. Typical types are: instrument lathes, single-axis automatic lathes, multi-axis automatic or semi-automatic lathes, rotary or turret lathes, crankshaft and camshaft lathes, vertical lathes, floor and horizontal lathes, profiling and multi-tools, axles and Forklift lathes are divided into many small categories, with different numbers. Vertical lathes and horizontal lathes are often used in our machinery industry. These types of lathes can be seen in almost all processing areas.

2. Machine tool processing range We mainly select several typical lathe types to introduce the processing range.

Horizontal lathe, which can be used to rotate the inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, conical surfaces, forming rotating surfaces and annular grooves, steering parts and various threads, can drill 0., reaming holes, reaming holes, tapping, sleeve threads and other processes of knurling. Although ordinary horizontal lathes have a low degree of automation and a long auxiliary time during the processing, due to the wide processing range and good comprehensive performance, this machine tool has been widely used and popularized in the processing industry. It is one of the typical representative processing equipments in China's machinery industry, and it is also one of the indispensable processing equipments in the machinery processing industry.

B. Vertical lathe, suitable for processing various shell parts. It is also suitable for machining various parts. , Outer cylindrical surface, conical surface, end face, groove, cutting and drilling, expansion, reaming processing, milling and grinding threads, end faces, contours, and other processing processes can be realized through additional devices.

3. Machining accuracy of lathe

The machining accuracy of ordinary horizontal lathes is as follows: roundness: 0.015mm; cylindricalness: 0.02 / 150mm; flatness: 0.02 / ¢ 150mm; surface roughness: 1.6Ra / μm. B. The machining accuracy of the vertical lathe is as follows: roundness: 0.02 mm; cylindricalness: 0.01 mm; flatness: 0.03 mm.

Shanghai CNC machining accuracy is only a relative reference value, which does not mean that all lathes meet the requirements. Many lathe equipments fluctuate up and down according to the specific requirements of the manufacturer and the specific conditions of the assembly, but no matter how much the floating amount, the machining accuracy value must meet the requirements. National standard for this equipment. If the equipment's processing accuracy requirements do not meet national standards when purchasing the equipment, the purchaser has the right to refuse acceptance and payment.