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What are the preparations before CNC machining?

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Preparation before CNC machining

a Check that the tools used are in accordance with the specifications allowed by the machine.

b Shanghai machining maximum tool length, maximum tool weight, total tool weight does not exceed the specified value.

c. Check that the knives used are worn and damaged without affecting use, and sometimes they should be replaced immediately.

d. Some moving parts of the machine tool are lubricated with grease. Before work, pay attention to check whether the machine tool has reached the time specified on the lubrication instruction plate, and it should be added in time.

e Inspect the machinery and control systems for obstructions.

f Check whether each control system is closed.

g. Check whether each control switch is in good condition.

h Check if anyone is in the mechanical danger zone.

i Shanghai machining should once again check whether the workpiece has been reliably clamped on the workbench.