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Features of mold production in CNC precision machining

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1. Characteristics of CNC precision machining mold production

Many technologies of mechanical processing are concentrated in the mold production and manufacturing technology. The combination of organic and electrical processing is also inseparable from the manual operation of a fitter.

① Selection of mold production method

a) For the production of small batches of molds, single-piece and preparation methods are used.

b) Parts are produced in large quantities and are produced in sets.

c) If multiple molds are required for the same part, the continuity should be maintained before and after processing and adjusting the mold.

CNC precision machining

② Characteristics of mold manufacturing:

a) There are many processing contents in the same process, so the production efficiency is low.

b) Workers are required to have a higher technical level.

c) The size and position of some working parts of the mold must be determined after testing.

d) Testing, adjustment and repair are required after assembly.

e) The mold production cycle is generally longer and the cost is higher.

f) Mold production is a typical one-piece production, so the production process, management method, and manufacturing process all have unique regularity and particularity.

(2) The steps of mold production in CNC precision machining

① Mold design includes mold assembly drawing and parts drawing.

② Formulating the process specification means to formulate the processing technology and operation method of the entire mold or component, and fill in the process card.

③ The production of parts and components refers to the processing of parts and components according to the process specified on the process card.

④ Assembly.

⑤ Test mold and adjustment Test and adjust and adjust on the press until qualified parts are produced.

⑥ Inspect and inspect the appearance of the package, make a mark, and pack the other part of the product with the mold.