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Automotive precision machining, there are bright spots in the downturn

Back to list 发布日期:19年05 月14日 Source: Jindong Metal Products Release Date: May 14, 19

The quarterly reports for the first quarter basically came out, but the financial reports of automotive CNC precision processing companies were not surprising. Judging from the feedback from CNC precision machinery processing plants, a large number of automotive CNC precision machinery parts processing companies upstream have announced a decline in profits. For example, auto CNC precision machining companies in France and Germany this week announced lower-than-expected results. As their supporting CNC machining manufacturers, their lives must be very difficult.

Renault, France ’s most well-known automotive CNC precision machining company, suffered market crashes in Turkey and Argentina that affected sales in the first quarter, and sales in both countries fell by almost 50%. In addition, the company ’s decision to withdraw from the Iranian market last year also caused Impact because American sanctions are avoided. Shenzhen CNC Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. pointed out that the orders for CNC precision machinery processing plants supporting Renault in France had plummeted.

In fact, many automotive CNC precision machining companies have withdrawn from the Iranian market, which has also dragged down the first quarter's performance. Peugeot Citroen Group recently announced a 1% decrease in revenue and a 17% decrease in car sales. Nissan also lowered its revenue forecast, and its share of the Japanese automotive precision machinery parts processing market fell to its lowest level in a decade in the first quarter.

But in the field of automotive CNC processing, good news has also come. Ford's market share in the United States increased by 9%. In the first quarter, it achieved a performance that exceeded expectations by 70%. The transformation plan of CNC precision parts processing began to bear fruit, including the rare European profit after the reform. Ford's net income fell to $ 1.15 billion from $ 1.74 billion.

Shanghai CNC Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. claims that the data of CNC processing manufacturers supporting Ford is also surprisingly good. In addition, the performance of South Korea's Hyundai Group in the first quarter also exceeded expectations, net profit rose by 24%, and downstream precision CNC machining plants also made a lot.