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Precision plastic processing-provide customers with the right solution

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With the advancement of emerging technologies and materials, the CNC precision machining industry is also upgrading. The development of emerging technologies has allowed many emerging materials to perform CNC precision machining, and also allowed CNC precision machinery processing plants to obtain orders in more fields. In the former CNC processing industry, the more common materials were metals. Now, plastics have become very common CNC precision machining materials.

CNC precision machining

Generally speaking, when CNC precision machinery processing plants do precision CNC machining of plastics, most of them have several processing methods to do it, which can basically match the customer's CNC processing drawing requirements. The two commonly used methods are CNC processing and 3D printing. However, when we do precision CNC machining of plastics, we need to make the correct choice based on the characteristics of these two processing methods and our own needs.

Engineers at most CNC precision machinery processing plants give professional advice to customers. If the customer does not choose a processing method, the engineer will recommend it. Or the processing method selected by the customer is not suitable, the engineer will recommend to modify the processing method. Just as some time ago, when Mr. Li found our CNC precision machinery processing factory to do a plastic CNC precision machining, he originally wanted to use 3D printing to do it because it was cheaper and faster.

However, after knowing that this plastic CNC precision machining that Mr. Li needs to do requires higher accuracy and toughness, I recommend CNC machining that is better than 3D printing. After listening to the engineer's explanation, the customer agreed to use This program. A few days later, Mr. Li was very satisfied when he received the finished plastic CNC precision processing, and praised us that the CNC precision machinery processing plant is a very worry-free partner.