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Fusion transformation, the new trend of CNC precision machining

Back to list 发布日期:19年05 月22日 Source: Jindong Metal Products Release Date: May 22, 19
In recent years, CNC precision processing butterfly change has been on the road. Sino-U.S. Trade friction has increased the uncertainty of CNC precision parts processing trade. The rise in the price of production factors has also pushed up the cost of CNC precision machinery processing plants. The CNC precision machining industry must transform and upgrade to find new market growth points. CNC Precision Machining Shenzhen CNC Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. pointed out that the transformation of CNC precision processing industry, service industry replacement, Internet + speedup and other interactions are becoming stronger and stronger, and the boundaries between CNC precision parts processing manufacturing and service industries are becoming increasingly unclear. It is also an external opportunity for the transformation and upgrading of the majority of CNC precision machinery processing plants. For example, Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., once a representative of CNC machining in the field of traditional construction machinery, has now transformed into an enterprise integrating CNC precision machining and manufacturing and service. With the advancement of intelligent manufacturing and informatization of CNC precision machining, CNC precision machinery processing plants represented by Zoomlion have created a series of vertical internets such as intelligent management, intelligent rental, and intelligent enjoyment, providing equipment for downstream customers. Value-added services such as security, commercial insurance, and asset recovery. According to Shanghai CNC Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., if you visit some CNC precision machinery processing plants in the Pearl River Delta region, you will understand that now some CNC precision processing enterprises can't tell whether it belongs to CNC precision machining manufacturing industry or service industry. This is also a new trend in the CNC precision machining industry, an opportunity for CNC machining manufacturers, and a challenge for CNC machining manufacturers. The integration of advanced CNC precision machinery processing industry and modern service industry is accelerating. The business model of the majority of CNC precision machinery processing plants is changing. R & D, design, and manufacturing of CNC precision parts processing can use services to enhance value.