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CNC machining quote

Back to list 发布日期:19年06 月03日 Source: Jindong Metal Products Release Date: June 03, 19

Hello everyone, I'm a CNC editor, here is how to get a quote more quickly when looking for CNC processing under popular science.

First, first prepare 2D drawings and 3D drawings by yourself, so that Party B can quote for you more quickly.

Second, don't just give a screenshot, or only describe, some people directly give you a large 3D drawing of the equipment. Here we want to explain that we are a machining manufacturer, a parts processing factory, and you have such a large 3D Drawings, I do n’t know how to process them. We will not quote for those who are not responsible for things, because you have never thought about doing it.

Summary: You are convenient, we are also convenient. For customers who need CNC machining next time, please prepare 2D and 3D drawings first, and then send them to us. Note that there is one drawing for one part, or multiple parameters for one part in one drawing. CAD drawings so that we can quote you faster and better!