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Cnc processing plant in qingpu district, shanghai

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Main items:

Stainless steel pipe clamp, turned parts, various hoop, triangle bracket, tensile parts, stamping parts

Introduction of cnc processing plant in Qingpu District, Shanghai

Shanghai Jindong Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai cnc processing factory that has been committed to vacuum parts processing and manufacturing, scientific research vacuum system equipment manufacturing, and integration of non-standard vacuum systems, mainly involving vacuum, optical, low temperature, magnetic, and electrical measurement And other fields. For many years, we have provided the highest quality non-standard customized products and services for scientific research users. Shanghai Jindong has always adhered to the brand manufacturing concept of “casting boutique with heart, shaping brand with love, scientific research innovation, and growing together.” , High-purity oxygen-free copper, engineering plastics and other materials have rich processing experience, enabling us to provide services for various industries, a wide range of manufactured parts, and constantly provide materials science researchers with the highest quality and most cost-effective vacuum research applications product and service. , Has been engaged in the production and processing of metal molds, stamping parts, lathe finishing parts, sheet metal parts for many years. Manufacture of precision metal molds such as continuous molds, stamping molds, composite molds, ...